Top 10 Healthiest Vegetable You Can Grow in Your Garden Easily

Can you imagine freshly plucked, juicy tomatoes or sweet carrots that are just picked minutes ago? Growing your own vegetable in your garden is the perfect combination of pragmatism and indulgence.

There is no doubt in the fact that there is a whole lot of difference between grocery bought vegetables and those grown at home. Even if you carefully select the vegetables and also try to buy organic ones there is still a gap in the quality you expect and the quality you get.

After the vegetables are taken from the farms, there are still days until they reach stores and are sold and you have to compromise on the quality after all. But the perfect solution for this is to make your own vegetable garden. Nothing can match the rich taste of freshly picked vegetables and the food cooked from it is simply delicious.

Growing vegetables in the garden is an action that can support you and your family from numerous points of view, which makes it one of the most significant exercises for each family unit. If you are fit to grow your own vegetables in the garden, you will most likely get some crisp sustenance on your table and you will likewise eat the absolute most advantageous vegetables that you have ever had.

A few people really appreciate cultivating a great deal and growing your very own vegetables will absolutely lessen your worry also. You don’t need to stress over not discovering some regular vegetables, which will really assist you with losing weight quick, since becoming your very own is simpler than you might suspect and it is an action that won’t make you insane by any stretch of the imagination.


Growing your own veggies isn’t that hard of a task and people often do it in their leisure time or as a hobby. It just doesn’t act like your favorite past time, growing vegetable in your garden can be quite more productive than that.

First of all, this improves your health. Growing and consuming garden-fresh and organic vegetables can be a lot more beneficial to our body than those purchased from the grocery store. When you grow your own vegetables you know exactly what you are consuming. There is no uncertainty of harmful chemicals or substandard vegetables. If you are a health freak on just a healthy-eater in general what you need is grow your own vegetables. This enriches them with vitamins as there are lot less chemical used.

It can also be a fun activity to do with kids. Kids are more likely to be interested in eating vegetables if they grow it themselves. Just not this, you can also save money on expensive grocery by growing vegetables as it is cheaper to do so. You can get organic vegetables in the fraction of the cost you pay for them at grocery stores.

Gardening is also an amazing exercise that helps you burn 400 calories per hour. The whole digging and planting process can be quite a workout. It not only ensures physical activity but helps keep your mind fresh and sharp. Gardening can also be a natural stress-reliever. You can vent all your frustrations while gardening during digging and weeding. The sunshine and fresh air rejuvenate the body and mind also growing your own vegetables give you a sense of achievement.

In case of growing your very own vegetables in your garden, you will almost certainly go out to your garden just before setting up your dinners and snatching what you have a craving for eating. Today, it is conceivable to become any vegetable in any piece of the world and this implies you could have the best nourishment on your table in only a couple of months. Growing your own vegetables in the garden will likewise, have more ingredients to get ready various plans and this implies you eating routine could be delicious.

Also, if you need to control your weight or really lose a few pounds, you should take a stab at growing own vegetables in your garden, since this will enable you to expend fewer calories every day and it will likewise give you some crisp nourishment.

You can easily grow your preferred vegetables in your garden. You can likewise save huge amounts of cash by doing this. It is very advantageous to grow own vegetables in the garden.  Planning dinners with vegetables that have been freshly picked from own garden, is perhaps the most beneficial thing that you can do and this is the reason planting ought to end up one of your most basic exercises of the day if you really want to be healthy, slim, and smart by losing weight quickly.

List of Vegetables with Information

Here we have listed the top 10 healthiest vegetables to grow in your garden.


  • Broccoli: Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables around as it is rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron as well as other vitamins like Vitamin A, B6 and C. Broccoli can be grown inside flower pots where there is only one plant per pot. But you must beware of cabbage worms.
  • Beans: While green beans or snap beans are more around the garden, one of the healthiest vegetables is dry beans. They are full of nutritional content and flavour. They contain minerals like manganese, iron and phosphorous and also fibre.
  • Brussel Sprouts: Brussel sprouts have been a well- hated vegetable for many but in reality, they are nutritional powerhouses. They do tend to taste foul when overcooked but when cooked right they are soft and sweet. Along with the provision of Vitamins A, B6 and C they provide fiber, magnesium, potassium, and riboflavin.
  • Tomatoes: Tomato vegetation is the main reason why people are interested in vegetable gardening. There is nothing more delicious than a ripe tomato, eaten seconds after plucked. If you too are into tomato vegetation you must now that tomatoes can be grown in containers and you must watch out for the tomato hornworm. Tomatoes are not only rich in minerals and vitamins but they are also a great source of antioxidant lycopene.

  • Carrots: Carrot vegetation is also one of the factors making people grow their own vegetables. There is no comparison of sweet and crunchy carrots that are just picked up. Carrots usually lose their crunch with time so fresh picking ensures a good crunch. Carrot vegetation is done the same way as tomatoes: in containers and is a good source of vitamins and minerals as well as sugars.
  • Beet Root: Beets are rich in iron and vitamins. They are often used in salads or on the side. They can be easily grown in the garden. You can use the harvest two ways by using the vegetable itself and also using its green leaves. They too, like carrot vegetation and tomato vegetation, can be grown in containers.
  •  Red Bell Peppers: Totally rich in vitamins and minerals bell peppers give you almost 300% of your daily dose of vitamin C and A which is good for skin and gums. Just like Tomato vegetation, these bell peppers can be grown in containers
  • Peas: Garden peas are nothing like those found in the grocery store. They just are sweeter and more tender. The peas vines can be grown in containers and they can be awfully important for a healthy diet so you can grow them in the kitchen window sill.
  • Leaf amaranth: Leaf amaranth is a more low-key nutritious vegetable that can be used by itself in soup and to stir fry. It doesn’t bolt in summers and has a great tangy taste that you might just love.
  • Spinach: It is one of the healthiest vegetables full of minerals and vitamins. We all must know the benefits of this vegetable surely as our favorite hero Popeye eats it to get his energy. This can also be grown in containers and try to protect it from cabbage worms and heat.
Gardening your own vegetables can seem quite hectic but in reality, it’s not. Even if you do not have the space for a vegetable garden in the front yard you would be surprised to find that you can grow them either on your patio or on the window sill. You would be seriously left open-mouthed when you see tomatoes and peppers sprouting from a single pot.



Growing your own vegetable in the garden is something that takes a great deal of tolerance and assurance, yet so does your eating regimen procedures. This must imply that if you eat vegetables that are grown by yourself in your garden, you can really lose much more weight than by eating other sustenance from stores and eateries. When you grow your own vegetables, the consistent preferences are monetary – the sustenance is free, or for all intents and purposes so.

Eating homegrown vegetables is really nutritious and undeniably tasty. Eating naturally grown food is full of nutrients that are very advantageous for the body.

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