Top 10 Garden tools – A must have for Gardening

Shopping for gardening tools can be a daunting task because there are hundreds of them, and you may not need what you need. Just because you are gardener does not mean any tool will work for you. But you can have several tools that are multi-functional, which means you can use them to perform more than a single task.

In this post, I am going to take you through the top 10 garden tools that every gardener should have in their storage or shed.

BOJECHER Garden Tool Apron – Professional Heavy Duty

Gardening is a messy or dirty job, and if yours is not, you are probably doing it the wrong way. Anyway, a heavy-duty apron with 14 pockets will go a long way to make your gardening easier. BOJECHER is a unisex apron with adjustable strap length, practical design, and made from heavy material.

This garden apron can also be used by bakers, carpenters, woodworkers, art teachers, metalworkers, cookers, butchers, and tattooists, among many other technical jobs.

Why we liked it:

  • Universal size

This apron comes in a universal size that fits both men and women of all age, shape, and size up to 47.2 inches waist.

  • Wear-resistant material

BOJECHER apron is made from a high-grade, thickened durable 600D Oxford cloth, and does not contain any pungent smell. The material makes the apron comfortable, breathable, and durable. The edges and pockets are reinforced to prevent abrasion and scratches, which mean you, can carry any tools you want in the pockets.

  • Money-back guarantee

This will eliminate any doubts about the apron. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product. There is also an 18-month warranty in case you find any quality-related faults.

Instapark PWT-07 Outdoor Automatic Hose Timer

This watch will help you set a timer so you don’t forget to water your plants, turn off the water or even finding out the amount of sun that your plants in the garden receive.

This timer from Instapark features simple and easy-to-follow installation. You don’t need any tool to install the timer. Even when you change the batteries, the timer will remain and will respond when the countdown reaches the set time.

Why we liked it:

  • Heavy-duty weatherproof construction
  • It comes with a manual override switch so you can control the watering of your plants manually.
  • Saves water in drought areas
  • Has large, easy to read digital interface

Ohuhu Stand Up 3-Claw Weeder

As a gardener, you need a weed remover, and no tool can help you with this exercise than 3-Claw from Ohuhu. The tool is designed to function without you bending, and can remove dandelions, thistles, as well as other invasive weeds without using harmful chemicals. The tool is easy to use, as one needs to simply place it over a weed, step on it with your foot, and the 3 claws will grab the weed with its roots.

Why we liked it:

  • It is perfect for removing permanently the weeds from your lawn without leaving behind ugly holes.
  • Can be used while standing due to its long shaft
  • Has an ergonomic design

The Keter Elevated Easy Grow Planter

    1. This planter will decorate your small balcony by allowing you to grow some aesthetic plants. Besides, the container is raised above the ground so you don’t have to bend, kneel, or squat while gardening. The elevated planter has a decent capacity of up to 31.7 gallon, which is enough for you to grow a variety of plants including veggies, flowers, herbs, and houseplants.

      With this raised garden, you will be able to add colors to your deck, patios, or balconies. The planter is made from polypropylene resin in a rattan design that will blend well with your furniture in the bedroom or patio.

      Why we liked it:

      • Suitable for the elderly

      The planter is elevated above the ground so an elderly gardener can take care of his/her plants without bending over.

      • Comes with an easy to read water gauge

      This helps you know when the water level has dropped so you can water your plants. When the gauge shows a red light, it means you should drain the planter. And when it turns green, you can add some water to your plants.

      • Has a drainage tap

      When the gauge turns red, you can drain the planter manually using the drainage tap, making it perfect for outdoor and indoor plants.

    Gilmour Nozzle-Thumb Control

    Gilmour Nozzle-Thumb Control is a tool that provides the best way to water your plants in the garden or cleaning. The product is easy to operate and feels comfortable in the hands. The device allows you to water precisely where you want and avoid wasting water. The material used to make the product ensures that you stay with around your garden for many years.

    Why we liked it:

    • Comfort and durability

    It is made from a lasting material that feels comfortable in your hands. The ergonomic handle has a soft grip that ensures it fits properly in your hands. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

    • Thumb trigger

    The product features a thumb control system to allow you to turn on and off the spray and also control between light showers and strong sprays.

    • Easily adjustable

    The nozzle has 8 pre-set options to deliver your spray. The settings allow you to select among sweep, clean, soft, flower, wash, jet, shrub, and garden.

    Yoyomax Soil Test Kit

    It is important to know the pH and moisture contents of your soil before choosing the plants to grow in your garden. And that is when you turn to Yoyomax soil test kit. With this device, you will cut the guesswork and start making informed decisions about the moisture content and acidity of your garden.

    While it is a perfectly functioning tool, avoid forcing it into dry or compact soil, using it to measure your pure water, and leaving the meter in the soil for too long.

    Why we liked it:

    • No batteries

    The meter doesn’t need batteries or electricity to function. It is ready to be used directly out of the box.

    • Portability

    It is highly portable, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

    • Accurate

    The tool provides accurate information about the moisture level of the soil so that you can know when to water your plants.

    Felco F-8 Classic Pruner

    With its comfortable agronomical design, this pruner will ensure you efficiently cut off the dead foliage from your plants without a strain. It is light with allow handles acting as an extension of the forearm. The anvil-designed blade handle prevents the tool from falling off your hands as you work. It is easy to maintain this pruner because the blades are set on rod pins.

    Why we liked it:

    • Lightweight

    The allow handles makes it light to carry around, and also functions as an extension of your forearm.

    • Precise

    The tool features hollow-ground, hardened steel blade, and Swiss precision that gives it a wire-cutting notch.

    • Sturdiness

    It is made from hardened carbon steel blades, making it strong and durable

    • Limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

    Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat

    Majority of gardening is done while kneeling, which sometimes can cause you pain in the joints and back. But if you get yourself a kneeler and a seat, all those problems will be a thing of the past.

    This kneeler from Ohuhu features a raised kneeling pad and chair, all-in-one, to make your gardening ache-free.

    Why we liked it:

    • Multipurpose

    This tool can be used as a kneeler as well as a seat. The kneeling pads contain thick cushion crafted to prevent your knees from straining. Additionally, the pad is raised above the ground so you don’t get your clothes dirty.

    Flip the kneeler and you have a garden seat. It is made of strong steel rods and EVA and can handle a maximum weight of up to 33 lbs.

    • The pouches

    The kneeler/seat comes with free pouches that you can strap onto the handles using the Velcro strap. The pouches can accommodate several small gardening tools.

    Burgon & Ball Kneelo Kneeler

    If you don’t feel like carrying around the above kneeler/seat, this is a great alternative. It is light and has EVA foam that provides shock absorption and comfort. It is covered on the outside with a waterproof, strong yet delicate, durable neoprene. The enclosing material makes this kneeler easy to wipe clean and quick dry.

    Why we liked it:

    • Efficiency

    It practically saves your knees from strains and aches.

    • Easy to clean

    With this kneeler, you just have to wipe it clean and you are ready to go.

    Solar-powered garden lights

    Don’t just experience your garden during the daytime. Get solar-powered lights to ensure you can still work at dark on your garden. Besides, you may have people over till late night, be it a garden-themed wedding, BBQs, or dinner parties, solar light can bring plenty of ambiances.

    Sunklly Waterproof LED Outdoor Candle Lantern is the best solar powered garden lights on the market. As the name suggests, it is waterproof and also heatproof. This means that the lantern can endure a variety of climates and weather changes.

    The lantern is designed with a sturdy clamp that can be used to hang the light in a tree branch, plant hanger, on a balcony, or under an umbrella. The large solar panel is on top of the lantern so that you can easily recharge it faster as long as the sunlight is available.

    The most outstanding feature of this solar light is the faux candle that provides a romantic ambient yellow glow.

    Why we liked it:

    • Multiuse

    The lantern can be used to shine a light on the garden or be deployed on patios for a romantic, candlelight dinner.

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