Garden design ideas on a budget

Gardens are great ways to get the chance to be in nature and help the environment while you are getting exercise and relieving stress. Wow, you must be thinking, can a garden do all of that? And the answer would be yes it can for many reasons no matter what different garden designs you choose or where you choose to plant it.

What is a garden? A garden is a planted area where you can grow vegetables, fruits, trees, shrubs, flower or any other kind of plant. Gardens can be in your backyard, on your roof or even on a balcony in containers, depending on the space you have. You can have a garden design with rocks to spruce up your patio or try out some small landscape ideas if you have a nice sized yard.

But what if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your garden? There are lots of garden design ideas on a budget that you can choose from that will still look beautiful and yield some delicious fruits and veggies or show off beautiful flower or ornamental trees and shrubs.

There are a lot of different garden ideas, all you need to do is mix in some creativity and elbow grease to make it personalized and full of all your favorite plants, decorations, and accessories like fountains or even some colorful lights to highlight your design.

Hints for Saving Money on Backyard Gardens

Combine creativity and effort to make your backyard living areas personal with all of your favorite accessories, plants and colors. Here are some hints for creating the perfect backyard garden designs on a budget:

Select plants local to the region – If you stick with locally grown plants, they will be cheaper than those coming from other parts of the world. Plus they will cost you less in maintenance since they will grow easily in your yard. Just look up which USDA zone you live in so you’ll know which plants are best for different garden designs.

Buy plants on sale – If you need to get garden design ideas on a budget, another way to save some cash is to buy plants when they go on sale. Many times nurseries will start discounting plants and trees in the summertime in July and August, so you can buy them at much cheaper prices. And around Arbor Day you can usually get buy one get one free deals at many places online and in person. Plus, places like supermarkets often discount plants and if you are willing to search through them for plants that are in good shape and healthy, you can get some real bargains.

Check out the local nurseries for plants they plan to throw away – Sometimes retailers end up throwing out sickly plants or those that are half dead, but with a little care you might be able to bring them back to life! It’s worth a shot to ask the store if you can have these plants for free or at least at a major discount.

Create backyard garden designs with existing items – Another way to produce garden design ideas on a budget is to take a look at what you already own and incorporate those items into small garden landscape ideas or backyard garden designs. For instance, you probably have a few terracotta pots, an old picnic table or a bucket or maybe some old holiday twinkle lights. You can use items like this for creating and decorating a garden.

“Some of the best kinds of plants to put in backyard garden design with rocks are smaller types like small varieties of daffodils, tulips, or ornamental grasses like blue eyed grass

How to Obtain Cheap Gardening Tools

If you are going to create a garden then you are going to need some gardening tools like a spade, trowel, hoe, rake, and more. But these gardening tools don’t have to break the budget, there are ways to get lots of garden supplies either cheap or free.

For one thing you can check out yard sales or see if your friends or relatives have double of some kind of gardening tool they are willing to give you. Or if you can’t find them for free, head to the dollar store and you are sure to find things like shears, spades, gardening gloves, trowels and more, especially in the springtime when people are starting to think about growing a garden.

And who needs to buy expensive scoops for fertilizer, seed flats for starting seedlings, or invest in a greenhouse? A trusty plastic milk or water jug can be cut into all of these things and it is something you likely already have. Plus, you’ll be saving the environment because you are reusing a plastic container that might not be able to be recycled.

For instance, to make a seed flat, just cut the bottom off the jug and make sure it is a couple inches tall and put dirt into it and plant your seeds. Use the rest of the jug as a greenhouse and place it over a plant to keep it warm and insulated if there is a chance of frost.

Garden Design with Rocks

One popular type of backyard garden are those that incorporate garden design with rocks of various kinds and sizes. It would be boring to create different garden designs where all the rocks looked alike, so it’s vital to vary their size and shape.

For instance, you can create a haven on your patio with a couple of huge rocks spaced apart, and in the middle put an inviting looking bench and plant some ornamental shrubs and bushes at the ends of the bench, along with some pretty flower and you get a peaceful place to read a book or just relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Or you can get some sidewalk paver stones and separate sections of land into mini-gardens if you have the space. You can devote each mini-garden to growing a particular kind of plant like tomatoes in one area, cucumbers in another and lettuce in the third, and suddenly all the makings of a crunchy salad are within reach.

Some of the best kinds of plants to put in backyard garden design with rocks are smaller types like small varieties of daffodils, tulips, or ornamental grasses like blue eyed grass. You can also use creeping plants as they can fill up cracks in the rocks such as moss, sedums, vines, or short grasses like blue fescue. Add in a couple of succulent plants to round out the design like a cactus variety.

Map out your backyard gardens for best results

If you want your small garden landscape ideas and backyard garden designs to turn out perfectly, it’s best to draw out your design ideas on graph paper or get some sort of phone app that helps you map it out. Then you can place all the different plants, rocks, decorations, and accessories precisely and know your garden will look perfect when you are done.

Accessories make backyard gardens perfect retreats

Once you put in the plants, a place to sit or some nice rocks, you can put in some finishing touches like lighting or a water feature such as a fountain or waterfall. You can also add a memorial stone to honor a beloved pet who has died or even add a small cat or dog statue. Or perhaps you can add a flagpole and change up the flag to celebrate various holidays or special events throughout the year so your garden provides stress relief all year long, not just during growing season.

Small Garden Landscape Ideas

Small garden landscapes are normally pretty detail oriented. That’s because you don’t have tons of space to plant out your backyard garden designs. However, the smallness doesn’t have to mean you can’t create something wonderful.

For instance, if you are craving the beauty of some ornamental trees or bushes, be sure to buy a dwarf variety that won’t grow as large or tall. There are also a lot of miniature versions of plants you can grow such as miniature daisies, small hens and chicks (a whimsical looking succulent), Irish moss, Japanese holly, bonsai trees (must be potted), baby tears, parlor palm, Norfolk Pine, and many more.

You can also save money on both small and regular sized garden design by choosing to put gravel in the foot traffic areas or where you might need some drainage or just to make the design look more modern. Throw in some unexpected décor such as wooden items (wheel spokes, ladders, trellises, etc.), copper milk cans, sheets of corrugated steel, bird feeders, or just about anything that goes along with your chosen theme.

Overall, the main things about doing small garden design is to have it all planned out in advance so you can take advantage of every little bit of space available and incorporate it into your selected design.


All in all gardens are what you make of them and show off your personal style and taste in many ways. No matter if it’s a garden for growing edibles like fruits and veggies, a lovey rock garden to grace your patio area, or a backyard landscaping job with some ornamental bushes, trees and shrubs, a garden it a great way to get in touch with nature.

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